[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Animated five cheeky monkeys in a tree”][/ultimate_heading][cq_vc_accordion contentcolor=”#333333″][cq_vc_accordion_item accordiontitle=”Details”]Print out and laminate the pictures. Grab a sock and make a crocodile or use a soft toy crocodile or plastic toy crocodile or puppet. As you play the powerpoint singing the cheeky monkeys song grab each printed monkey with the corcodile. Even more fun if the kids are the crocodile.[/cq_vc_accordion_item][/cq_vc_accordion]
[ultimate_heading main_heading=”3 Jellyfish”][/ultimate_heading][cq_vc_accordion contentcolor=”#333333″][cq_vc_accordion_item accordiontitle=”Details”]3 Jellyfish[/cq_vc_accordion_item][/cq_vc_accordion]