Child Sense

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Individual Services

Comprehensive assessments

Extensive and thorough assessments using standardised and non-standardised assessment tools are used with each referral to Child Sense. There are three different assessment types with our comprehensive assessment including an observation within your child’s functional setting. Time is set aside to discuss the concerns with parents, your child and/or relevant others depending on the assessment goals. Following the assessment, a formal report with recommendations will be supplied and discussed with relevant parties (for example families and schools). Further reports will be supplied for other professionals if requested.

Intervention in the school, home or clinic environments

Principles of consultation, monitoring and direct intervention form the basis of the Child Sense intervention programmes. Side by side learning is encouraged during therapy sessions whether it be with teachers, learning support staff, parents or relevant others. This ensures strategies can be carried over to other environments.
Sessions are usually 50 minutes in length with an additional 10minutes charged for written communication or feedback. Sessions are tailored to meet your child’s needs and focus on the functional difficulties for your child. Intervention may use a range of techniques including sensory integration, cognitive training, motor and functional skills training, systematic instruction, environmental adaptation and coping strategies.

Setting-up and directing services in schools

A range of programmes are available for schools that can be coordinated by the therapist through school consultation. This includes in-services, small group sessions and 1 day occupational therapy advice clinics. Preschool and school screenings.

Scheduling An Appointment