Child Sense

Welcome To Child Sense.

Our Values

The Child Sense Team defined a range of values we feel are important to the way we deliver our services. Our values document can be found in the waiting room at the Leichhardt clinic or can be forwarded to families on request.

For self and others

  • We aim to support and serve each other and our service users
  • We actively connect with each other
  • We are mindful of other people’s perspectives and experiences
  • We aim to understand and care for ourselves and our own responses so we can better care for others
  • Our service structures are clearly defined and accessible
  • Efficient delivery of services ensures maximum value and outcome for families and caregivers
  • We aim to create organised environments so people can maximise their ability
  • We will complete work efficiently and within national therapy standards
  • Therapy provision and quality is consistent across all our service users
  • We will provide a therapy service based on honesty, integrity, accountability and trust
  • We will create a safe, fun and engaging environment
  • Creativity is encouraged
  • We are invested in the families and children we work with
  • Our activities are tailored for each child
  • We foster the child’s emotional drive
  • We aim to not only be better therapists but better humans
  • We will consistently develop our own skills and knowledge
  • We will base decisions on scientific evidence for neurological functioning and on evidence for therapy outcomes
  • New ideas and concepts will be celebrated, explored and tested with open minds
  • We will critically appraise new information and research in line with experience and evidence
  • We will show initiative to seek out information related to less known areas of practice in order to strengthen these aspects of our servic
  • Therapy will incorporate a range of occupational therapy frames of reference in order to meet the wide range of needs of service users
  • Our service will be client-centred, occupation focussed and goal directed
  • Service delivery will be provided using the most meaningful strategies and locations in order to maximise generalisation of skillse
  • We will actively seek to make change by empowering local organisations, educational institutions and services to meet the needs of all children
  • We aim to empower service users to make informed decisions and develop strategies themselves in order to reduce the need for long term therapy support
  • We will work in partnership and make time to collaborate with otherservices/professionals in order to create the best outcomes for service users
  • Service user’s perspectives and ideas will inform therapy provision at all times

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