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Our therapy team endeavours to provide a high quality service that is strengths focussed and enjoyable for children and teens.

Occupational Therapists

Rosie Burge

Rosie has a passion for facilitating transformative change in the lives of her clients. With a keen focus on functional goals and collaboration across environments, Rosie finds immense fulfilment in her role as an OT and seeing her clients participate in a range of occupations that matter to them. She has an interest in feeding therapy, where she thrives on helping children view food in a different way and increase their food range through play based activities in the kitchen. When not at work, Rosie finds joy and relaxation in various activities. You might catch her strolling along with her beloved dog, Ralph, enjoying the tranquility of the beach, or embarking on adventures. She is also a keen baker and an avid reader.

Mimi Salkeld

Mimi is committed to helping children find joy and foster independence. Mimi is passionate about playful and dynamic therapy rooted in connection, and is particularly interested in the areas of play, social connection, and self-regulation. Mimi enjoys exploring innovative approaches to foster growth and development in her clients and families, and prefers to utilise a collaborative approach to therapy, working together with families to create tailored interventions that promote holistic development. Outside of her professional life, Mimi enjoys swimming, going for walks, and engaging in creative hobbies like embroidery and knitting. She also enjoys listening to music and staying up to date with the latest films. Driven by her dedication to compassion, community, and connection, Mimi is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of children and families she supports.

Rachel Grant

Rachel loves forging strong connections with children, taking the time to understand their unique interests and preferences to ensure that therapy sessions are not only enjoyable but also deeply meaningful. She finds great satisfaction in empowering children to achieve their goals, recognizing the importance of collaborating with their broader support networks to foster holistic growth and development. Outside work, Rachel finds joy in her love for music as she spends time playing the piano. Rachel cherishes the great outdoors, finding serenity in activities such as playing sports, kayaking, or indulging in a leisurely swim at the beach. 

Czerny Ip

Czerny cherishes every moment of her occupational therapy journey and is continually amazed by its transformative impact on her clients’ lives. She values empathy, compassion, and cultural competence, shaping her approach to meet each client’s unique needs. Czerny finds joy working with younger clients and their families, supporting social and regulation skills, but she also enjoys working as a companion with pre-teens and adolescents to support them through rapid changes in their lives. In her leisure time, Czerny indulges in creative pursuits, especially acrylics and multi-medium art and she is pursuing advanced studies in art therapy to enhance her practice. Czerny also enjoys swimming, watching movies, playing board games, traveling, and all things Disney-related. Czerny’s favourite quote is “Everyone is doing their best with what they know and have at the time.”

Bri Hassall

Bri is driven to empower children and teens to reach their fullest potential in life. She has a particular passion in helping clients master essential cognitive skills, particularly in the realm of executive functioning. This encompasses a range of vital cognitive processes, including attention, planning, organization, and decision-making. With a keen understanding that every child possesses unique strengths and challenges, Bri tailors her approach to each individual, ensuring that her sessions are not only effective but also engaging and dynamic. One of Bri’s greatest strengths lies in her ability to personalize her interactions with children, taking into account their interests, abilities, and learning styles. Bri delights in exploring nature through activities like hiking and bird-watching, but also enjoys active challenges such as triathlons and running. 

Lena Shi

Lena is passionate about highlighting a child’s strengths and fostering meaningful connections with them. She takes great joy in incorporating her interests into therapy sessions, such as utilising dance as a therapeutic tool to support children in achieving their goals. Lena values creating a warm and positive environment to help children succeed. She enjoys integrating innovative approaches to therapy, such as finding unique ways to use equipment and tailoring activities to suit each child’s individual goals. Outside of her work, Lena finds fulfillment in pursuing her creative interests, including writing children’s storybooks and creating home decor pieces. She also values spending time with loved ones and exploring new activities, such as archery. Lena believes in the importance of nurturing her creativity and passions, which in turn fuels her ability to help others do the same.  

Natalie Larter

Natalie is dedicated to helping children and families reach their full potential. With a background working in various settings such as women refuges, international orphanages, and in animal-assisted therapy programs with horses and wild dolphins, Natalie brings a unique perspective and skill set to her practice. Natalie is passionate about empowering individuals within their emotional and mental well-being, utilising trauma-informed practices, cognitive and emotional therapy, and play-based techniques to facilitate growth and healing. She believes in the power of connection and strives to create a safe and nurturing environment for her clients to explore and develop their strengths. When Natalie is not working with her clients, she can often be found volunteering at a charity children’s camp or enjoying her time in the ocean, scuba diving, free diving, and swimming with all animals, big and small. Her love for nature and adventure fuels her creativity and passion for helping others.

Elena Murphy

Elena has boundless enthusiasm for fostering positivity and resilience in children and their families. Elena’s passion lies in utilising sensory-based strategies to empower children, aiding them in navigating their emotions and unlocking their full potential. Elena aims to help children and their families celebrate their unique strengths and differences. When Elena’s not laughing and having fun at work, she’s running, swimming or reading a thriller book. On the weekends, Elena can be found at the local pool, sharing her love for the water, working with kids to help develop their confidence and skills. 

Julie Haddad

Julie embodies a remarkable blend of warmth and positivity, making her an indispensable resource not just to the families she aids, but also to the therapists she collaborates with. Her passion lies in empowering children and families to reach their functional milestones across different life phases. Julie loves to support children to thrive in their capabilities, engage with their environments, and evolve towards independence. Julie loves being a wife and mum, serving in the local community, exercise, cooking, reading, coffee dates and trying new restaurants. Central to her beliefs is the conviction that every child and young individual will do well if they can, and she is driven by the belief that everyone is endowed with a purpose and a promising future.

Elspeth Grobler

Elspeth is driven by a profound desire to cultivate meaningful therapeutic connections that foster growth and resilience within her clients. Recognizing the complexities and demands of a busy family life, she endeavours to collaborate closely with families, offering support tailored to their unique circumstances and capacities. Elspeth aims to equip families with the tools and strategies necessary to navigate challenges effectively, ultimately promoting positive outcomes and enhanced well-being. Outside of work Elspeth finds joy in sharing experiences with her husband and children. In her leisure time, Elspeth engages in creative pursuits such as crafting and she places great value in connecting with friends, recognizing the importance of community and support in navigating life’s journey. 

Aaron Jackson

Aaron’s passion lies in helping children and adolescents with their social and emotional development. He also enjoys watching fellow therapists grow and challenge each other as they identify and foster their own values in their occupational therapy practice. Through his work, Aaron strives to empower carers and professionals to view children through new lenses, unlocking new possibilities for growth and development. When he’s not playing in the clinic, Aaron can be found at home having fun with his three children and his wife. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys staying active and connecting with nature through activities like AFL, gardening, running, and walking in the bush. 

Speech Pathologists

Cassandra El Akkari

We are fortunate to have Cassandra onsite working with us from Speech and Feeding Sydney. She is passionate about advocating for people with speech and language difficulties and has a particular interest in working with vulnerable families. She is currently project lead on a Capacity Building project aimed at upskilling early childhood educators through workshops and 1:1 coaching.  Cassandra works with a wide range of areas including auditory processing, Autism and/or other neurodivergent conditions, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Developmental Language Disorder (DLD), Language/Learning (child & adolescent), Literacy, Social Communication, Speech sound / Articulation disorder and Stuttering/Fluency.


Therapy Support Team

Mia Devonshire

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Victoria Iliopoulos


Zaynab Messelmani


Grace Keithly


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