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Diagnostic/support/articles websites

www.otnsw.com.au – NSW OT Association
www.cot.org.uk – College of OT’s United Kingdo

www.aota.org– American Occupational Therapy Association
www.caot.ca –  Canadian Association of OT
www.psychnet-uk.com – Diagnostic website
www.comeunity.com – Family friendly articles for various conditions
www.autism.org.uk – National Autistic Society
www.zerotothree.org – Provides an array of articles for parents and professionals ranging from adoption to social skills. There are also answers to frequently asked questions and tips on different topics.
www.who.int – World Health Organisation
www.ldonline.org  – LD Online
www.canchild.ca –  Centre for Childhood Disability Research
http://www.wfot.org– World Federation of Occupational Therapists
www.rch.org.au- Handouts from the Royal Children’s Hospital

Sensory Processing Websites

www.sensoryint.com– Sensory Integration International
www.out-of-sync-child.com-Out of Sync Child
>www.sensory-processing-disorder.com– Great website for ideas and information on Sensory Processing Disorder
www.sensoryresources.com – Sensory Resources
www.childrensdisabilities.info/sensory_integration/index– Children’s disabilities information on sensory integration
www.sensoryintegration.org.uk – Sensory Integration Network in the United Kingdom
www.spdfoundation.net– Sensory Processing Disorder foundation

Websites useful for OT’s/parents for programmes/games/schedules


www.do2learn.com – Visual schedule cards, sequence games, emotion games, fine motor games etc
<www.eyecanlearn.com – Improve your Visual Information Process Skills:
Perception, Tracking, Focusing, and Eye Teaming
www.sparklebox.com – ‘Grass, sky, dirt’ paper
www.thegraycentre.co.uk – Social stories
www.workingmagic.com/pdf/CISE.pdf – Children’s Inventory of Self-Esteem (CISE) provides a quick an easy way to assess the relative strength of a child’s self-worth and gives strategies to improve self-esteem.
www.weightedblanketsandvests.com – Weighted vests & blankets
www.sensoryshop.com  – Sensory Shop
www.therapybookshop.com – Therapy Book shop
www.senseabilities.com.au – Senseabilites
www.hwtears.com- A great multi sensory handwriting programme for kids

Technology and Computer Programmes

www.widget.com/resources – Computers
www.bbc.co.uk/schools/typing/ – Typing programme
>www.typingmaster.com – Touch typing
www.nh.com.au – Educational software games (computer)

www.superkids.com – Educational software games (computer)