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Child Sense offers a range of intervention groups for children. Often groups are run with multiple professionals such as occupational therapists, speech pathologists and music therapists depending on the needs of the group. Current groups include:

Regulation and Social Skills groups

These groups focus on children maintaining an arousal state that matches the needs of the environment while practicing their interaction skills. Parent trainings are conducted whilst the group is underway on areas such as regulation, joint attention, reciprocity, theory of mind, cooperative actions. Principles from Social Thinking (Michelle Winner Garcia), SERVAM for autism and other in house programmes are used within the social skills programmes.

Small interaction dyads and triads

These smaller groups allow specific social or physical skills to be practiced whilst still allowing and promoting social skills

Kindy catch up groups

these groups are often run in school holidays and focus on those children who need to ‘catch up’ on specific skills for Kindergarten.

School Readiness groups

These groups focus on the skills needed for children who are starting school and include cognitive, social and skill based preparation for classroom participation.

Coordination Groups

These groups focus on developing coordination skills with children and take on a variety of approaches. Older children will often have a role in setting up their own goals in the group and working towards these goals.

Secret Agent Society Social Programm

Child Sense therapists are trained in the SAS social skills programm and these programms can be offered on request. See http://www.sst-institute.net/.