Our Staff

Child Sense provides therapy services for children and adolescents and is based in the Inner West of Sydney.

Child Sense’s philosophy focuses on improving functional outcomes for children, their families and relevant others (such as school teachers) through family-centred practice, consultation, monitoring and direct intervention.

Aaron Jackson

Occupational Therapist and Owner

BAppSc (Occupational Therapy); MHlthSc (Occupational Therapy). Trainings include Advanced Sensory Integration Trainings, Sensory Integration and Praxis Test training, Therapeutic Listening, The Listening Programme, Wilbarger Deep Pressure Protocol, DIR Floortime (Intermediate Level), Secret Agent Society Social Skills programme, MORE oral motor programme, introductory child directed play therapy, sensorimotor approach to arousal regulation and developmental trauma, Attachment Theory and Practice, ProACTive Facilitator Training: ACT for Children and Young people with Anxiety.

Aaron originally set up the Child Sense Occupational Therapy service and has returned at the end of 2015 to take on a caseload within the inner west and to run the Child Sense service again. Aaron has worked in paediatric occupational therapy for around 15 years and has had post graduate training in sensory integration. He currently works with children with a variety of difficulties but has worked most extensively with children with autism spectrum disorders, attention and emotional disorders. Aaron has developed preschool, primary and adolescent programmes for children with a range of diagnoses. He has presented at national autism conferences both in Australia and New Zealand and has presented on autism for the NSW OT Association. Aaron has run training programmes on ADHD for the London Juvenille Firesetters Intervention Scheme.

Aaron is coauthor of SERVAM an approach for families who have a child who has autism. This approach has been approved by the federal government as an approach based on emerging and current evidence. He supervises occupational therapists in the practice and is involved in promoting professional development of all the therapists in the practice

Ali McClenaughan

Occupational Therapist

BAppSc (Occupational Therapy, Honours);  University of Southern California Chan: Theoretical Foundations of Sensory Integration; The SOS Approach to Feeding;  “Listening with the Whole Body” (Therapeutic Listening®), ProACTive Facilitator Training: ACT for Children and Young people with Anxiety by Westmead Children’s Hospital; Occupational Therapy and Autism: The Occupational Therapy Role in Diagnosis, Intervention and Integration/Inclusion; “Traffic Jam in my Brain: A Sensory Processing Approach to Challenges Associated with Autism, ADHD, Learning and Behavioural Differences”; “Learning to Conquer the Wees and Poos: Behavioural Management of Constipation/Soiling and Urinary Incontinence in Children” ; “Getting it Write – The Occupational Therapy Role in Assessment & Intervention of Handwriting for Primary School Children”

Ali has been with Child Sense since 2015 and is an integral part of the service. Having had an interest in paediatrics throughout her degree, Ali worked as an ABA therapist while studying and has since held paediatric positions giving her experience with children with both physical and developmental disabilities. Ali is a passionate therapist who takes a family centred approach to intervention. She is committed to continued professional development, regularly reflecting on her practice and seeking out development opportunities to further enhance her skills.

Brianna Hassall

Occupational Therapist

BAppSc (Occupational Therapy); “Listening with the Whole Body” (Therapeutic Listening®); University of Southern California Chan: Theoretical Foundations of Sensory Integration; Secret Agent Society Social Skills Progamme; Building Blocks to Sensory Integration

Brianna has worked in school settings with mainstream children and children with behavioural concerns. Brianna has developed great practical strategies for schools and teachers. She has a passion for sensory integration and social and emotional development. Brianna loves working with children and has a commitment to providing high quality services for families.

Luke Walsh

Occupational Therapist

B.OT(Honours); Gravity and motion; King of swings – a practical application of sensory-motor equipment use; Quickshifts – A concept of Therapeutic Listening ®.

Luke has a passion for sensory integration and social/emotional development. He strives to promote successful function for children and families across all contexts of their lives using realistic intervention techniques. Luke places great value on working within the home, school and clinic environments. With his fun and enthusiastic approach to therapy, Luke has a great ability to build a supportive, collaborative and honest rapport with all involved in a child’s care team. Outside of Child Sense, Luke coordinates a supported rugby program known as Sense Rugby to promote inclusion for children with additional needs in sport.

Vani Gupta

Speech Pathologist and owner of Summer Hill Speech Pathology

Vani Gupta owner of Summer Hill Speech Pathology works out of our clinic on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Vani is also a trained therapy dog practitioner and Poppy can often be seen at the clinic. Vani provides Speech Pathology assessment and therapy services for late talkers, speech and/or language difficulties, stuttering, children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, global developmental day, feeding difficulties, including fussy eaters and children with other types of communication difficulties.

Vani also offers clinic, home, preschool and school visits and can be contacted on 0434 553 428 or on her email vani@summerhillspeech.com.

Melissa Earl

Occupational Therapist

Masters of OT; Bachelor of Clinical Sciences; Greenspan Floortime Professional course; Hammersmith Infant Neurological Examination (HINE) training; “Highway Heroes” and “Little Highway Heroes”: Behavioural, emotional and social skills training (BEST); “Sensory and Attachment Approaches in Mental Health Practice” – Launceston;“Toilet Training for Toddlers” workshop; “Current Perspectives in Occupational Therapy Practice with Children”;“How Does Your Engine Run?”

Melissa has experience with a wide range of disabilities both within within school age and preschool age children. She has worked across a range of hospital and community settings. Professional development is a passion for Melissa and she is constantly looking to develop her skills as an OT. Melissa seeks to expand her skills outside of traditional occupational therapy practice including development in areas such as interpersonal communication, mindfulness and coaching strategies.

Jaimie Summerfield

Speech Pathologist at Summer Hill Speech Pathology

Jaimie works out of the offices at Annandale from Tuesday to Saturday. Jaimie also provides Speech Pathology assessment and therapy services for all types of communication difficulties. Children love seeing her and she is very methodical in her approach to communication difficulties. Jaimie also offers clinic, home, preschool and school visits